donderdag 5 november 2015


I am part of a secret group of society called the common man.
You can be a part of my society too.
All you have to do is turn in all your labels.

I like heavy metal music, yet I am not a metalhead, I am a common man.
I play video games, yet I am not a Gamer, I am a common man.
I watch anime, yet I am not a weeaboo, I am a common man.

I don't believe in god, yet I am not an Atheist, I am a common man.
I believe in men's rights, yet I am not an MRA, I am a common man.
I believe in woman's rights, yet I am not a Feminist, I am a common man.

I celebrate diversity, yet I am not a progressive, I am a common man.
I celebrate Halloween, yet I am not a Pagan, I am a common  man.
I hate Christmas.

I question my thoughts instead of following my heart, yet I am not a rationalist, I am a common man.
I come from Holland, yet I am not Dutch, I am a common man.
I write poetry and short stories, yet I am not a writer, I am a common man.

I am part of a secret group of society called the common man.
You can be a part of my society too.
All you have to do is turn in all your labels.

donderdag 1 oktober 2015


Peeple are stupid.
You sell them their opinions
you siphon their freedoms away
and they still come back, begging for more.
But but but
Muh twitter harassment bro.
Cyber violence, the oxymoron that hurts in real life.
have you strapped your tracking devices on?
Apple watch is watching you.
Smart phones outsmart you.
And you don't get a job if I can't see your facebook.
Who really reads the small prints of the NSA handbook.
Click agree
Listen and believe.
God help us all.

donderdag 13 augustus 2015

Rough draft: My God is better than yours

There's trouble on the wired.
Ever since Cyberia launched, history has been going into overdrive.
The real world is leaking in and merging.
Secret societies are popping up like wildfires, while safe spaces and echo chambers disappear.
You are not alone, we are all connected.

Nobodies have a voice and somebody is being silenced.
Speak whatever is on your mind while it is still legal.
There is art combating censorship and censorship combating art.
Anonymity is running rampant and being too exposed is affecting the real world.

Kids pretending to be adults, are full of themselves as every occasion deserves a Selfie.
Adults pretending to be kids, trying hard to hide their power-levels.
Men hate woman
Woman hate men
And love is a spiritual science.

Here Orwell is living large, 1984 was just a typo.
Here is where religions come to die and new ideologies are born every day.
So tell me that you'll stay.
And spread the gospel of Lain.

zondag 19 juli 2015

Un-truths and double think.

It was Freud who declared Orwell
 should rave in his grave to the beat of the 21st century.
Let no telescreen remind you that the frequency of public relations
is akin to the propaganda of the third Reich.
For no doctrine of Ubermenchsen has reached the American shores
and no lords lord over the proles.
Smoke woman, for I Edward Bernays, the merchant of cool
have sold the habit to you,
 as an act of defiance against patriarchal chains.
Drink oh man, for the beer on thy lips doth not shrivel thy balls.
astute your manliness presides, as no woman
 may operate the barbecue or the grill.
thus you are more man now, than any man has been man before.
Arise oh gods, from the grave of evolutionary biology
 and teach these harlots how to dress and teach these men how to express.
They may cry if they feel inclined to do so.
We are at war not with man but with reason.
For there are reasons why the machine cannot feed the whole of Africa
or the middle east.
And the bomb, when and if it will drop could end all life in an instant
thus all wars, but never struggle.
The struggle of poverty is engraved in the necessity of scarcity and
the necessity of scarcity is appearant in our abundance.
Socialism is capitalism
capitalism is anarchy
anarchy is freedom governed by ideology.
war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength.
It was Freud who declared Orwell should rave in his grave
to the beat of the 21st century, but it was miss cyrus who suggested 
he'd succumb to ecstasy.

zondag 30 november 2014

Come on get down with the sickness.

The downside to always being the last to speak:

You always know everything that has been said a million times before.
You have to be right, because the last person closes the arguments. NO EXCEPTIONS!
You will always upset someone's feelings and stir a rebuttal in their HEARTS.
You will then be forced to reply, after all you are the last person to speak,
you close the arguments. No Exceptions!
You are a huge hypocrite, consistently inconsistent because
you always need to adjust what you said before to appear wiser and more just.
Just as you did before. 
You are learning while you debate, that's why you always close the arguments. No exceptions!

vrijdag 14 november 2014

The Untold Secrets Of The Absolutely Balls To The Walls 65.000.000 B.C. Party.

Chrono trigger is a time travel RPG the chapters take place in the various time periods.
2300 A.D.
After their last visit to the dystopian future,
Marle and Lucca convinced Chrono to go back to 2300 A.D. To do some shopping of things that weren't yet invented in their own period. After Fashion visits to 600 A.D. and the extremely long candy raid,
in their own time period of 1000 A.D., Chrono had become somewhat weary of Marle's insatiable lust for shopping.But since Lucca insisted on it as well, he could not refuse them. The merchants in 2300 A.D. didn't have much in stock anyway,
so how long could it possibly take. Lucca was however the one dragging the pace this time,
as she seemed to be haggling the futuristic mechanics salesman, over some electrical wires.Marle seemed to be done pretty quickly,
though the unsavory medical supplier she had made a cheap deal with,
frightened Chrono a mighty bit. "Hurry up, girls", he yelled at them,
"we still have that Red Rock to collect in the prehistoric ages." Even saying these words made him weary, how was he going to fight dinosaurs,
with two prepubescent, fragile, male depended girls on his side. He wished that stubborn broadsword wielding frog would just join their quest already. Why would we need to reforge his so called mythical Masamune sword for that. Masa and Mune didn't particularly seem like strong mythical beings to him,
how powerful could they be as a sword? It took only two lightning strikes, of his newfound and awesome magic abilities,
to strike them down. Finally Chrono had enough,
he walked back to the time portal swearing with all kinds of profanities, addressed at both girls until they decided to run after him.Lucca unlocked the time gate and they warped back to The End Of Time.
At the End Of Time.
Melchior, the lazy prophet was there, sleeping again,
accompanied by that heep of metal junk they picked up, from their last visit to 2300 A.D. Lucca and her toys, that's whats got him in to this mess in the first place. It would have to stay behind again,
seeing as the time gates would only stand 3 people entering at the same time. Indeed, this was how they found out about this weird anomaly of the space time continuum. By bringing along a 4th companion, they accidentally discovered the End of all being. Strangely inhabited still by 2 people. If you would call Spekkio, the shape-shifting mage a person by default anyway. "we go to the prehistoric ages after I have had another round against that cunning magic fiend" Chrono said to the group. But they all heavily objected to this notion. "We don't have the time to spare, Chrono" Marle replied. A statement he found Blond beyond believe. "Well..." Lucca offered in her defense,
"even though we are at the end of all time and in possession of the key to it's continuum, I do have the sense that our quest
is of a pressing matter and we should proceed as hastily as we can."Wholly discontent, Chrono still agrees to them and they proceed to hall of light pillars,
the room that connects all time gates. They open the previously unopened pillar of light said to lead to...
65000000 B.C.
Upon exiting the portal, the party shrieks in fear,
when they notice the ground is some hundred feet below them. Marle is the first to act, as she conjures up a sturdy bubble to surround them,
mere moments before they slam onto the ground. It helped save their lives
but they were still knocked out from the impact long enough to get surrounded. Hideous reptilian creatures looking for a fight are flogging in from all sides. Chrono fends of one opponent after another, while getting back up fire from Lucca. Instantaneously Marle is doing her best, to heal all of the wound inflicted upon them,
from the fall and all through the skirmish. But it all seems hopeless. As they are about to give up, Chrono hears a primal call coming from above. His eyes are gleaming in disbelief over what he is seeing. As a scandalously dressed, prehistoric woman joins their side of the battle. Skillfully taking out the Reptites one by one. Something hard, is stirring in Chrono's pants, as he watches her do this. "am I getting turned on, by watching a woman fight?" He asks himself, while brutally slaying the last, still standing reptilian scumbag. The devious skank approaches Chrono and he stretches out his hand to shake hers. All while saying, "Thank you for your help. I am Chrono, pleased to meet you." She grabs his hand firmly and then started groping his muscles
and various other parts of his body. "I can't take this much longer." Chrono started thinking, "I'm about to burst." Insanely jealous and feeling completely neglected Marle walks up to the prehistoric lady,
stretching out her right arm. "I.
She says pronouncing every word as slow like and retarded as possible. Not in any way disturbed by her manner of speaking the groping lady replied. "me, Ayla! Ayla, strong! Chrono also strong!" She pecks a kiss on Chrono's cheek as she finished saying this. Lucca stepped forward as well, she had quite a few questions for Ayla. She asked away about where exactly we were and what exactly it was that attacked them. Ayla explained that they were called reptites
and that the humans were at war with these creatures. She also said, that she would explain any other question they would have back at her village. Where she planned to throw our time traveling warriors a big welcome party. It turned out Ayla was the village chief, the greatest warrior in all of Ioka which was the name she gave for her village.Perhaps she could even be the greatest warrior, in the whole prehistoric world. Ayla loved powerful people and she felt insanely attracted to Chrono and his friends. Adoring their fighting abilities and their voodoo powers. When asked about the shiny Red Rock she told them it was indeed in her possession. She was not about to give up the Red Rock so easily though. Chrono would have to beat Ayla in a soup eating contest to win his prize. After all, a strong warrior, needs a strong appetite. At the party they would have this soup eating contest,
as well as typical prehistoric music and dancing. The soup was a mixture of vegetables and fermented berries giving it a slight alcoholic kick. None the less, Chrono soon began to eat a belly full of this wondrous soup,
as did his opponent. Meanwhile the rhythm of the jungle drums stirred in Marle her dancing beast. She took out the medicinal pills, she had bought from the future merchant,
as she thought: "now was a good as time as any." "Take plenty of water", the merchant had said,
"these capsuled happiness are still quite experimental, you could get dehydrated." It took 15 minutes until she felt anything, but suddenly the world seemed even more lively. All the colors were more intense then ever before
and she had this great warm feeling inside of her. When after some hours she got tired of dancing, she felt an enormous thirst. She was looking around the fire lit plaza to see if she could find Lucca. She saw the soup race was still in full progress, but it seemed Chrono was winning. Finally after scanning the perimeter she found Lucca sitting in a corner fiddling with some wires and circuit boards.She was stuffing them in a long cylindrical tube and when she flipped the on switch,
the device would hum and buzz. She sat down besides her and leaned against her shoulder. "I love Chrono, Chrono is nice" she blabbed. She looked at Lucca with big dilated pupils, like a puppy dog in love. "Lucca is nice too" she said short after that, in a soft and sensual voice. Lucca, who was laying her last hands on her new invention, flipped the switch once more. The big cylindrical tube started vibrating in her hands. In full awe Marle started clapping her hands together, "yeah it works", she said. "of course it works", Lucca replied, as she handed Marle a mug of water. Eagerly, she drank it al down, handed the mug back to Lucca and asked for more. When she had enough,
she threw her hands around Lucca's neck and hugged her to the ground. "I love you Lucca" she whispered in Lucca's ears. Lucca blushes, but then she replies, "I love you too princess Nadia." They make out and Lucca feels like her heart is pumping, with the same speed as the drums. When they stop kissing, she swallows some spit and feels a small capsule form,
slide down her throat. Ayla set's her last bowl of soup down, "no more! Chrono win." Triumphantly he raises his bowl over his head, then he tumbles over on his back. Ayla climbed on top of him. "Chrono, so strong. Chrono make Ayla feel sexy" Then she picked up the intense groping of this afternoon,
but this time Chrono can't seem to get it up. "Chrono get hard! Why Chrono no get hard, Chrono get hard!"
She yelled, as she jumped up and started dragging him to her hut. "Ayla will make Chrono feel sexy, Chrono will get hard!" Once inside the hut, she rips the clothing of his body and starts kissing him all over. But Chrono has passed out and no matter how hard Ayla sucks on every part of his naked flesh,
he doesn't seem to get it up anymore. Greatly disappointed she falls asleep in his arms. Lucca and Marle, have in the mean time also taken each others clothes off. They heavily fondle each others breast,
while intertwining their tongues and Lucca reaches out for her new invention. She flipped the switch on an thrusts the pulsating machine against the princesses clit. "ow, oeh"
Some horny yelps escape Marle's mouth before Lucca puts her tongue back inside of it. "Nadia, oh sweet princess Nadia." Lucca moans as Marle slips two fingers into her moist vagina and pulsates them,
up and down and in and out again. The noise that the vibrator makes,
attracts the men of the prehistoric vilage and they form a circle jerk around the horny ladies. The girls don't seem to notice, or they don't seem to care. Too much fun they have with each other. Marle lays down on her back, spreading her legs wider,
as to invite the pulsating cylindrical tube into her dripping cooch. "Ah" She screams, as Lucca makes it disappear inside her deeper with every thrust. The men around them get excited and some blow their load prematurely,
as it lands on marle's face, she licks her lips to get a taste. Then she reaches out her hands to one of the more hung Neanderthals
and starts jerking on his throbbing schlong. She continued to do this to all the prehistoric men,
until they drop off satisfied and she finally climaxed herself. Kino, Ayla's former love interest, decided to give his queen her goodnight kiss. after the party had calmed down he snuck into her hut and became furious with anger,
when he saw her laying with another man.He stole Chrono's belongings
and while he was at it took the rest of his friends precious items as well. He would show these temptators from the future not to mess with him and his people. He would use the sawed off foot of a reptite, to make some tracks around the camp and then hide their belongings,
in the vast Jungle outside of the town.He was ambushed there
and the reptites actually did take all of the items he stole away from him. Ashamed of what he had done he still stood there when Ayla, Chrono and his friends showed up, on the outskirts of the jungle the very next morning.

vrijdag 27 juni 2014

I am calmy pissed off.

I am calmly pissed off.
I wonder how a world can see anything through such blind eyes.
I hear celebrity blabber and
I see viral videos.
I want to know who these people are that are making them go viral like that.
I am calmly pissed off.

I pretend to not care about the whole rampaging Internet society, but they are my audience.
I feel I need them, but I need them to grow up. strap a set of balls on, show a little wit.
I touch my cranium and scratch it proudly, I can no longer stroke my beard.
I worry if I'll still be able to buy sedatives like alcohol and cigarettes.
I cry no longer over how pathetic addiction is, I can live with myself, everybody else can suck it.
I am calmly pissed off.

I understand a little about social economics, evolution and the power of the brain.
I say pretty words in poetry, mostly on blogs, I wish I had a video camera, I could be a superstar vlogger.
I dream of silly things like that, winning the lottery, becoming famous, but you must remember to love yourself or you'll be lying in a bed all day. Doing nothing but dreaming.
I try to wake up from the delusions I have spun for myself, but I see before me all of humanity deceiving themselves,
how will I hope to break free.
I am calmly pissed off.
Mood: Shaving that much beard is odd.Music: Picture coming soon.